Fertility Fit

Want help to become fertility fit? 
It has never been easier.

Want to be fit for fertility?

Fertility can be a reflection of your state of wellbeing based on:

  • Nutritional balance
  • Keeping mental and emotional stress factors under control   

At I'm Sublime, we understand that getting the right balance of exercise, nutrients in your diet and handling stress can actually be very stressful!  So we have created an enjoyable and easy way to get fertility fit. 

Boost fertility with 4 simple steps

Be re-balanced, rejuvenated and stress-free easily:

Step 1:  

Do a fun exercise that offers targeted results

Be fertility fit with our 1- to- 1 personal yoga fit for fertility program

  • Your personal fertility fitness instructor will come to you or you come to us

Step 2:  

Balance "Yoga Fit" exercises with gentle stress-management exercises 

We have designed uniquely effective exercises that gently massage the organs of your reproductive system as well as balance your central nervous system (CNS) and immune system with the I'm Sublime: Natural Fertility Solutions DVD.

  • It is important to be in a state of joy and harmony - because if you feel this way you can not maintain a stressful state.  
  • Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system which means blood flows to your extremities, away from your digestive system.  
  • This constant fight and flight mode releases cortisol (as stress hormone) that makes you gain weight around your belly.  
  • The DVD has been designed to restore blood to the digestive system and activate the body's healing mode: putting your body into a parasympathetic state.  In doing so your body can heal, it promotes cellular repair and prevents ageing.

Step 3:  

Easily manage "stress for fertility success" via meditation and relaxing breathing techniques


Step 4: 

Give your body the break it needs from fighting the effects of fertility inhibiting consumables  

  • If all you did was remove alcohol, caffeine (for women) and just halved your current intake of milk and processed white foods you could double your chances of falling pregnant faster.

With the right mind-set and support you can do it! Need support?  Contact us, we are here to help.

Fertility Diet

Contrary to popular belief and publications about the ideal fertility diet, it is not ideal to be focusing on grains, full fat dairy products, meat, etc.  Also, it is not okay for you to drink alcohol or for women to consume caffeine.  Sadly the mainstream media are producing non-factual evidence and as a result they do not get results.

My research has been embraced by my clients who have all fallen pregnant despite odds being against them, such as age, being over weight, fibroids, pcos... and the list goes on and on. From someone who cares about people's wellbeing and fertility success, I urge you to avoid the top five fertility inhibitors that may help you fall pregnant and give birth to a happy, healthy baby sooner.

Top 4 Fertility Inhibitors

1. Alcohol is a fertility inhibitor

Alcohol lowers the body’s natural energy levels, it is called a depressant for a reason.  When you are seeking optimal health and vitality alcohol with its high sugar and high yeast cause a level of toxicity on the body’s organs meaning the liver has to work extra hard to restore homeostasis to the body.  Sugar also prevents the body from breaking down fat so for just these few reasons alone it is not advisable to consume alcohol when you want your baby in a top baby-making position

2. Caffeine is a fertility inhibitor

Research suggests tea and coffee is okay for men to have just before sex because it makes sperm more virile.  Women on the other hand are advised against it because caffine is a stimulant and stimulants put stress on your adrenal glands.  The more energy your body spends trying to restore balance, the less energy it has to provide a perfect environment for the growth of your baby. 

The majority of people do not choose a nurturing, empowering and facilitating fertility course, so the fertility journey is often a highly stressful one.  Therefore if you can reduce the impact of stress on your adrenal glands (which fuel your body’s energy) then you can manage your stress physically, mentally and emotionally more efficiently.

3. Milk and Dairy Products

To boost fertility you need a sufficient store of calcium in your body.  Once pregnant it is vital to have strong bones because if you are not getting enough nutrients in your diet, your baby will draw it out of your body and one of the first things to be effected by this are your teeth and bones.   Contrary to popular belief that milk provides calcium, it does not.  Cow’s milk is extremely high in protein (eg Casein which causes stomach upsets, bloating, IBS, respiratory diseases such as asthma, and allergies).  Scientists know that protein inhibits calcium absorption.  The well researched book Milk The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen goes into detail about this as well as providing statistical data about the contents of milk which includes high levels of fat, cholesterol, bacteria, viruses, insecticides, antibiotics and the powerful growth hormone called Bovine (which interferes with your body’s hormones necessary for creating a fertile environment).  The human body is not designed to drink cows milk, let alone human milk beyond infancy and this has been linked to putting a strain on the body’s immune system and is linked to causing cancer.

In addition, milk is genetically modified and all GM foods have been proven to create infertility, they even shrink male testicles!

So, if the only reason why you want to consume dairy products is for calcium then you would get the calcium you need from eating leafy green vegetables, especially raw English spinach and raw watercress.  Lightly steamed broccoli and kale are also ideal because they are full of protein, calcium and magnesium (the co-enzyme required for optimal calcium absorption).

4. Processed white foods are fertility inhibitators

Foods that come out of a factory instead of fresh from the farm are harder for the body to digest. Processed white foods such as white sugar, salt (with anti-caking agents) and simple carbohydrates such as breads, cereals, grains, white rice (polished and bleached) all put strain on your body’s digestive system. As you may know your body converts simple carbohydrates into sugar – but did you know they also act like adhesive glue that lines the intestines preventing efficient nutrient absorption and can lead to leaky gut syndrome.  Eating too much of these foods creates dis-ease in your digestive system and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all disease starts in the intestines.

You need salt in your diet and the safe salt to consume is Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.  If you want the benefits sodium chloride has on the body but do not want to consume salt, then eat celery.

Fertility Awareness

Helping women to achieve natural pregnancy by tracking ovulation and making the most out of your most fertile days in your cycle.  Most women work this out themselves, but there are plenty of Fertility Charts, Fertility Calculators and Fertility Calendars on the web. 

  • What I'm Sublime clients find useful is the Lady-Comp. (Note: we are not endorsed to promote them)

Ovulation Calculator for Preconception

For your free ovulation calculator to increase your chances of getting pregnant just fill in your first day of your last period and how long your cycle lasts and the link will give you an approximate date as to when you are most likely to ovulate.  Click here...

Fiona's Infertility Treatment Course Really Works

The I'm Sublime Natural Fertility Treatment works for all kinds of women, of all ages, all size and all levels of fertility fitness.  Contact us to book your consultation today.  Click here...